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Senior Pastor

Craig Munro

If you are looking for the man moving in the Holy Spirit and the one holding it all together, you've found him- not only his strong commitment to meeting the needs of the local communities but also his heart  to serve the people where they are at is lifting the whole church to a completely different level.

Senior Pastor & Worship Leader

Sonia Munro

Every church needs a powerful woman like her in the leadership. Besides her pastoral acitvity, she is leading the worship team and, with as, the whole church into a great time with the Holy Spirit. With an open ear and heart for everyone, shes the right person to come to if you need someone to talk.


Mitch Muriwai

If you are looking for a punch of wisdom right in your face, speak to our Pastor Mitch. Not only his great knowledge of God, but also his hearing for the right sound of the Worship team and preachers is what makes this man up.


John Makimou

John is our Evangelist in training and a member of the church worship team. He moves in the revelatory gifts of the Spirit and ministered in various churches across the North Island.